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Determination of Viscosity Average Molecular Weight of Polymer




  1. Viscosity is an important property of a polymer melt in plastics shaping processes. Upon what three parameters does viscosity depend?


  2. How does the viscosity of a polymer melt differ from most fluids that are Newtonian.


  1. What does viscoelasticity mean, when applied to a polymer melt?


  1. Which one of the following is the chemical formula for the repeating unit in polyethylene:


         (a)  CH2         (b)  C2H4          (c)  C3H6         (d)  C5H8         (e)  C8H8 


  1. Use of a parison is associated with which one of the following plastic shaping processes:  


         (a)  bi-injection molding          (b)  blow molding          (c)  compression molding         (d)  pressure thermoforming 



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